Periodic Revisions
English Standard Drawings, AutoCAD version

The AutoCAD drawings on the disk you purchased from APWA have not been updated since 2002. To ensure you use the most current standard drawing, you need to compare the most recent version of the paper copy of the drawing you want to use with the electronic version on the disk and update the electronic version as needed.

Revisions to the Oregon (ODOT-APWA) Standard Drawings are made frequently. APWA and ODOT agreed that ODOT will be responsible to keep the original drawings up to date and ODOT mails out paper copies of revisions several times a year to people on their list of Drawings owners. If you are uncertain about whether you are on the list to receive regular updates to the Oregon Standard Drawings, contact the ODOT Contract Plans Office, 503-986-3720.

In 2002, APWA revised the AutoCAD version of ERD 425, 710, 755 and 760 due to important updates that were made to these drawings. If these revised drawings are not on the disk you purchased from APWA, you may download these drawings from the Oregon APWA chapter web site via the link below.

In the future, when APWA updates the AutoCAD drawings, a notice will be posted to the APWA website.

Click here to access the current revisions to ERD 425, 710, 755 and 760

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