Intergovernmental Relations Committee--1999


To develop and improve working relationships, communication and partnering between Chapter members throughout all functional areas ( including maintenance; engineering; purchasing and administration).

1999 Committee GOALS

  • Address Public/Private Partnership issues.
  • Update "Partnership Resource Manual" to include Public/Private agreements.
  • Feasibility of developing a workshop for Public/Private Partnering.
  • Improve ways of information on Committee issues out to the Members.


The Committee met in December of 1998 to discuss ODOT's Emergency response IGA and their final draft of the guidelines for " Cooperative Agreement".  We also discussed what should the next step with the Partnership Resource Manual; Private Partnerships; and coming year's goals. 

The Committee next met in February, to work on the Public/ Private partnerships, getting information out on ODOT's IGA manual and other areas of
intergovernmental partnering needs. 

The Committee is planning a meeting in July to establish work assignments and
dates to accomplish our goals for the year.


  • Rich Girard - Washington County, Chair
  • Neil Mann - City of Corvallis
  • Ed Wegner - City of Tigard
  • Steve Baker - City of Beaverton, Board Liaison
  • Morin Juncker - Yamhill County


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